2013 Condensed Audited Financial Information of V.I.D.A.


INDIA 10 VIDA2013 was  another year of growth for VIDA Association Onlus. In fact, the centres that have benefited from our assistance in India rose to 28, nine more than the previous year. It is surely this the most representative aspect of our annual budget, along with the strengthening of the relationships with the various centres historically related to us.

The first thing that must be said is that, for VIDA, transparency and clarity are basic guidelines. So we want to be really exact  in sharing with our benefactors, friends and volunteers our annual report that demonstrates how we used the funds raised and how our organization continues its humanitarian action.

During this year VIDA Italy had an availability  of € 52.404,99 of which € 7.249,26 was the net asset due to a surplus in the 2012 management while the rest was collected during 2013 thanks to the collaboration of donors, supporting members, distance adoptions and from the various solidarity events, especially done in Sicily.

There have been administrative expenses regarding our bank account and for the organization of fundraising events which represent about 4% of the liabilities. The part-time employee who manages our organization has accounted for 23% of the expenses. The rest, except for a small surplus to be used for 2014 was intended to our humanitarian efforts through sponsorship, humanitarian and direct support to the various centres (66% of the total).

Concretely, our action is divided in this way:

  1. Distance adoptions: distance adoptions have increased compared to 2012. During 2013, 20 children of Calcutta have benefited from this method of assistance.
  2. Humanitarian missions: humanitarian missions were also organized in 2013 in Calcutta, specifically in the month of August; 19 young people from Italy and Spain  took part and offered their help to four different institutions assisting  the poorest ..
  3. Direct support to centres or projects: the 28 institutions that have received our support during this year are:


    • Nabo Jibon” (Calcutta): it gives hospitality to about a hundred of people with disabilities in the Howrah district. We have given them           € 400.00 for the purchase of food and other material needs. It is managed by the Missionaries of Charity;
    • “Nimtalla Daya Dan “(Calcutta): The centre, managed by the Missionaries of Charity, gives hospitality to only boys and girls with disabilities or with serious psychic and physical problems. We donated        € 400,00 to this Centre;
    • Prem Dan” (Calcutta): It is located near one of the largest railway stations of the city where the poor and the sick come from the outlying areas. VIDA has contributed with € 400.00;
    • Kaligath” (Calcutta) is the first centre founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta to assist the dying. We sent € 400,00;
    • Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Centre” (Calcutta): this leper colony founded by Mother Teresa and held by the Missionaries of Charity, which welcomes nearly 1,000 people, we have donated € 400,00;
    • Nirmal Hriday” (Baruipur) is located in West Bengal and is held by the Missionaries of Charity. We donated € 400.00 to support them in receiving and assisting about 80 elderly people suffering from different diseases: cancer, malaria, tuberculosis, etc.:;
    • Shishu Bhavan” (Calcutta): as well as accepting abandoned babies, it provides medical care to the sick homeless of the city. We donated them € 300,00 so they can continue with this noble act of charity;
    • Antyodaya Niketan” (New Delhi): founded and managed by P. Ravindrajain, the centre welcomes elderly, adolescents and families in addition to the help given to the poor of the area. At the centre was given € 3,500.00 for the training of future leaders of the reception centres;
    • Compassionate Missionaries Hospital” (New Delhi): it provides medical aid in one of the busiest and most degraded area of the metropolis. VIDA donated in 2013 the sum of € 500.00 for medicines;
    • Narela Educational Centre” (Delhi): VIDA donated €  3.500,00 to begin the construction of a school for the homeless who live on garbage dumps. The project moves forward in partnership with “Chetanalaya”, the Catholic diocese of the city. In the coming years we will continue to work until the project ends;
    • Karuna Nava Jeena” (Jabalpur): we donated € 1,300.00 to support the construction of a barn and a goat farm for orphaned children with physical and mental disabilities who live in the centre. The project is managed by the Indian NGO “Shishu Griha Sangopan;”
    • Shishu Griha Sangopan House” (Delhi): The centre gives hospitality to about fifty boys and girls of the most degraded environments and hostile in New Delhi City. We sent them € 2,000.00;
    • Najafgarh House” (Delhi): the Congregation of the Sisters’ Holy Family Asha Niwas “receive, give shelter, food and education to 50 orphaned children. VIDA has donated the sum of € 500.00 to contribute with the cost necessary to upgrade the restrooms. Another € 1.000,00 have been sent to this centre from VIDA España;
    • Mahvir House” (Delhi): The centre gives hospitality to 35 orphan girls from another area of Delhi, we donated the sum of € 500,00 to contribute to the costs of painting and renovation of a wing of the building. Another € 1.000,00 were sent to this centre from VIDA España;
    • Nalanda Vidya Peeth” (Calcutta): the centre offers boarding school for orphaned children of Kabardanga. It was founded by br. Arul Xavier. We donated them € 324,00  by distance adopting;
    • New Life New Hope & little girls” (Calcutta): The centre gives hospitality to abandoned girls. It’s manage by the “Missionaries of the Word.” We sent to them the sum of € 2,268.00 raised with distance adoption;
    • New Life New Hope & Girls” (Calcutta): the centre is similar to the previous one except that it gives hospitality to teenage girls or young. We sent them  € 250,00  for Christmas;
    • Saint Teresa’s Vocational Training Centre” (Calcutta): The purpose of the centre is to provide young people the opportunity to learn a profession and to facilitate social inclusion and employment. We have contributed with €  250.00 to this project;
    • Various Apna” (Calcutta): it offers kindergarten to the little ones and the poor of the Kabardanga neighborhood. We sent € 250,00  for Christmas;
    • Nirmala Niketan” (Calcutta): the institution, funded exclusively by VIDA, hosts from January 2012, a dozen of children with disabilities and blind providing food, shelter, education and professional training. It’s our interest, with the help of Fr Xavier,  give hospitality to  at least a  hundred of children. In all we sent them € 5,000.00 (€ 1,895.00 through fundraising activities and € 3.105,00 through distance adoption;
    • Anand Bhavan” (Calcutta): it gives hospitality to 30 girls orphan and abandoned of the “City of Joy”. We sent € 250,00 to help them  with the costs. This Centre is held by “Colores de Calcuta”;
    • Pilkhana” (Calcutta) is a medical clinic that has a unit for feeding children from 0 to 2 years. We have donated them  € 250,00;
    • Vocational Training Centre for Women” of “Colores de Calcuta” we sent them € 250.00;
    • We Care Center” (Kangirapally) is a project that helps 102 children with disabilities through monthly  funding. We sent € 2.000,00 to this centre run by the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese;
    • Bethlehem Ashram” (Kangirapally): givies hospitality to 60 orphaned. With our contribution of € 2,000.00 they continued the construction of some residential structures;
    • Nalla Samarayan Ashram” (Kangirapally): it gives hospitality to  131 elderly abandoned women with mental difficulties. Our contribution was   € 500,00 to contribute with their annual operating costs;
    • St Vincent Pallotti School” (Indore) has a thousand of students and we financed 10 scholarships for a total of € 2,500.00. The school is run by the Pallotines’;
    • Hope for the Homeless” (Calcutta) is one of VIDA’s new projects. With the amount of € 120,00 we helped 15 homeless families of the city with food and clothing.

INDIA 2 VIDAVIDA also exists in Spain. In addition to the aid that this organization has sent to Delhi this year, it is working to raise funds for the construction of a hospital and a volunteers’ centre in the rural area between Calcutta and Bangladesh.

It is in process the legal recognition of VIDA India .

As can be seen from the list of centres, VIDA supports about 5,000 poor through different subjects (different realities) that assist orphans, abandoned children or potential victims of prostitution or trade of human, but also the elderly, the disabled, the sick, the dying, women, lepers and the poor in general. These centres, leprosy clinics, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, training centres and orphanages, etc.., are located in five different parts of India, from the northeast to the northwest, from the centre to the south.

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