V.I.D.A. (Volunteers for International Development Associated) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) and non-profit organization (Onlus), created by private citizens and thus independent from governments and doesn’t realize profits, created under Articles. 36 and following of the Italian Civil Code, on the Framework Law on Volunteering n. 266/91 and on the Regional Laws n. 9/93 and n. 18/96. With Protocol. 2011/25324 of the Italian Tax Office (Agenzia delle Entrate), V.I.D.A. is recognized as a non-profit organization according to the art. 10 of Legislative Decree of  December 4,1997 n° 460. The areas in which V.I.D.A. operates are development cooperation aimed primarily to make a concrete and relevant contribution to the solution of the problems in India by investing in human resources to ensure their sustainable economic, social and cultural development, intervening in the areas of hospitality, health , nutrition, education and infrastructures. The beneficiaries are children and teenagers in a state of orphan hood, neglect, social exclusion and extreme poverty as well as the elderly, sick, disabled and women. V.I.D.A. operates in four states in India: West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and in the district of Delhi through 30 charity projects. V.I.D.A. has joined the international family of VIS Foundation. Leticia con i piccoli ospiti di Nirmala Bhavan V.I.D.A. operates in 10 strategically areas:
  1. love, give dignity and help the disabled;
  2. welcome, comfort, heal the sick, lepers and the dying;
  3. support abandoned children;
  4. education and fight against illiteracy through scholarships;
  5. protect girls from violence, prostitution and exploitation of all kinds;
  6. defence and protection of women, especially the most abandoned and weak;
  7. provide medicines and medical care for all;
  8. strengthening vocational training in order to eliminate unemployment and crime;
  9. build and give maintenance to facilities designed to accommodate the needed;
  10. accept and provide all the care and attention needed to abandoned elderly.
Some of the values of our association are: transparency, ambition, teamwork and integrity. This is why we are now publishing our final balance 2014 for our friends and benefactors. V.I.D.A. is funded through donations from individuals, and some, even if few, companies and institutions. This year our income was € 53.988,64, of which:
  1. € 3.575,70 as  2013 budget surplus;
  2. € 50.412,94 collected during 2014, increasing the trend of fund-raising of 10.5%. The results of 2014 show that the fundraising supporters amounts to € 448,00; while the typical activities that V.I.D.A. organizes during the year raised € 29.323,05. Also, another important fact, are the funds raised through sponsorships: € 4.570,00. And it also certifies an entry of    € 2.000,00 raised from the activities aimed to support the humanitarian missions. The 5 × 1000 (tax benefits) contributed with an entry of € 14.071,89.
The funds raised during 2014 were mainly destined for the programs and funding centres and development projects in India and a small percentage to the activities of general support, fundraising and postage and / or banking as for employees. Uno-dei-volontari-con-un-gruppo-di-bimbi-che-vive-per-strada In 2014 we donated the centres with a total of € 38.167,89, nearly a 20% increase over the previous year deducting that 72% of the funds, then, was for centres. About 6% went, instead, to humanitarian missions that are annually organized to verify the use of the donations made and to contribute with their own person to carry out any kind of work or activity in the centres so they can live the reality and understand the needs . Approximately 4% was used for the expenses of the association to finance the various fundraising campaigns, while approximately 14% was spent on labour costs divided between the salary of the personnel and labour costs as such. A 4% as budget surplus. V.I.D.A. in 2014 has been very  active in funding various projects chosen by our staff, increasing the number of centres helped, even going beyond expectations: in 2012 we offered our help to 19 centres, in 2013 we have helped 28 centres and/or projects, and in 2014 they were 30. As mentioned before, the centres financed with collected funds are thirty:
  1. Nabo Jibon“. Located on the northern outskirts of Kolkata, this centre is the home of a hundred of people with disabilities including twenty teenagers. This year V.I.D.A. contributed with a cash donation of € 400,00 which were used for the purchase of food and other material needs for the management of the centre. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  2. Nimtalla Daya Dan“. The Centre is located in the city of Kolkata, which gives hospitality only to boys and girls with disabilities or with serious mental and physical problems. € 400,00 in cash was given to this Centre for its needs. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  3. Prem Dan“. The Centre is located near one of the largest train stations in the city of Kolkata where the poor come from outlying areas. The centre is one of the largest that we follow and which provides shelter for dying, persons with disabilities, both physical and psychic. V.I.D.A. contributed with € 400,00 in cash. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  4. Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying Destitute” The Centre, known as Kaligath,  houses the dying that are collected on the streets of Calcutta. V.I.D.A. contributed with € 400,00 in cash, to help in the annual management fees. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  5. Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Centre“. This Centre houses people who have contracted leprosy and those who have healed from it. More than a thousand people. The Centre works in craft spinning and weaving of clothes, raises cattle, sheep and poultry, has an artificial lake for fishing, farming in addition to vegetables and fruits. V.I.D.A. has donated € 400,00 in cash. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  6. “Nirmal Hriday” The Centre is in the city of Baruipur, on the outskirts of Kolkata, which houses about 80 elderly people with different diseases: cancer, malaria, tuberculosis and it is run by the Missionaries of Charity. V.I.D.A. has donated € 400,00 in cash.
  7. Shishu Bavan“, run by the Missionaries of Charity that gives hospitality to  abandoned babies, and in addition, helps people of the neighbourhood where it is located, in the heart of Kolkata, offering them care and medicines. We have donated the sum of € 300,00.
  8. Nirmala Bhanvan“: in the heart of the city of Kolkata,  houses  and supports 30 children in a state of abandon. We gave them € 300,00. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity.
  9. Antyodaya Niketan“. This Centre is located in New Delhi near the Cashmere Gate. The Centre was founded by P. Ravindrajain, also founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries Compassionate. The Centre welcomes the elderly, adolescents and families in addition in helping the poor in the area. V.I.D.A. was donated € 3.500,00.
  10. Reception centre and emergency room run by the “Compassionate Missionaries” in one of the most crowded and degraded area of Delhi, which VIDA has donated € 500,00 to help in the purchase of material useful and necessary to provide medical care.
  11. V.I.D.A. is contributing to the construction of “Narela Educational Centre“, a Centre that welcomes children of a very poor “slum” in the outskirts of Delhi. The Centre helps children and young people to approach the world of education (“No formal education”) using  specific programs to reduce early school leaving. V.I.D.A. has contributed with € 4.000,00.
  12. Alan de Lastic“: an orphanage in the outskirts of Delhi, in the district of Gurgaon. This is a new project aimed to cover basic needs (reception, food and education) of 28 children of the Centre, mainly women. We donated € 2.000,00.
  13. Karuna Nava Jeena“: V.I.D.A. gives a general support to the needs of this Centre which is located in Jabalpur, in the State of Madya Pradesh. It is run by the NGO “Shishu Gruha Sangopan” and homes orphaned children with physical and mental disabilities. V.I.D.A. has donated € 1.300,00 to this Centre financing their projects.
  14. Even the NGO “Shishu Gruha Sangopan” manages a family home that houses about fifty boys and girls of the most degraded and hostile area of Delhi. There were sent € 2.000,00.
  15. Casa Najafgarh” gives hospitality, food, accommodation and education to 50 girls and V.I.D.A.  has donated the sum of € 1.500,00 to complete the modernization work of the toilets. It is run by the nuns of “Holy Family”.
  16. The “House Mahvir“, which houses 35 girls from another area of Delhi, which has received the sum of € 1.500,00 to complete the painting works and renovation of a wing of the building. It is run by the nuns of “Holy Family”.
  17. Nalanda Vidya Peeth“. The Centre hosts orphans in residential area. The children attend a school located within the town, founded by br. Xavier Arul of the “Missionaries of the Word.” The school is attended by children of a very poor  area. Brother Xavier works with teachers, educators and psychologists to provide social and educational formation to the students. The Centre has received the sum of € 324,00 through sponsorships projects.
  18. “New Life & New Hope little girls.” The Centre houses abandoned girls. Br. Xavier of the “Missionaries of the Word” guarantees food, accommodation and education to the small guests. The Centre has received the sum of € 2.268,00 through sponsorships project.
  19. Bagan Para Tours“. The Centre is similar to the previous one hosting only adolescent girls offering the same service. The Centre has received the sum of € 250,00. It is run by the “Missionaries of the Word.”
  20. Saint Teresa’s Vocational Training Centre” of the “Missionaries of the Word.” This Centre gives hospitality to male teenagers. The purpose of the Centre is to provide young men,  who have finished their regular study  course, the opportunity to learn a profession in this way to facilitate the insertion in the social context. Currently, courses are on a trial and include courses for: hydraulic, tire shops, carpenter, painter, electrician, solar panel installers, etc. The centre has received the sum of € 250,00.
  21. Apna Various“, founded in 2013, which welcomes children of the neighbourhood, poor families and gives training and schooling at an early age children (3-4 years). V.I.D.A.  donated the sum of € 250,00. It is run by the “Missionaries of the Word.”
  22. “Nirmal Niketan” run by the “Missionaries of the Word.” The Centre, funded exclusively by VIDA, gives hospitality to 46 children with disabilities and blind providing food, accommodation, education and training. The Centre has received the sum of € 6.000,00, of which € 3.000,00 through fundraising activities and € 3.000,00 through project sponsorships.
  23. “Anand Bhavan ” houses 30 orphans and abandoned children and has received the sum of € 400.00 to help the Centre in the management expenses. It is run by the “Fundación Colores de Calcuta”.
  24. Pilkhana“, is a medical dispensary that has a unit for feeding children from 0 to 2 years. V.I.D.A. has donated  € 400,00. It is run by the “Fundación Colores de Calcuta”.
  25. Vocational Training Centre for Women “Women Artisan Group“, thanks to which a woman can be a mean  for sustaining her family and also, through this training, to encourage a process of emancipation of herself, becoming more and more autonomous. For the Centre, we donated € 400.00. It is run by the “Fundación Colores de Calcuta”.
  26. We Care Centre“, a project that helps about 100 disabled children through monthly funding. It’s a project run by the Diocese of Kanjirappally in Kerala to which we have donated the sum of € 2.000,00.
  27. Bethlehem Ashram“, a Centre which houses 60 girls; with our donation, we contribute to the construction of some residential structures. This Centre is also managed by the diocese of Kanjirappally. The contribution we sent was € 2.000,00.
  28. Nalla Samarayan Ashram“, which houses 131 elderly women with mental difficulties and abandoned. With our contribution of € 500,00 we helped in the annual operating expenses of the Centre. It is run by the diocese of Kanjirappally.
  29. The school “St Vincent Pallotti School ‘ in Indore, has a thousand of students. We sponsored  10 scholarships for a total sum of € 2.500,00. The school is run by the Pallottine priests.
  30. The project, named “Hope for Homeless“. It aims to transform some donations made in cash in shopping-supplies such as food, vegetables and clothing and tools for personal hygiene for families who live and populate the streets of Calcutta. We offer them especially milk, flour, rice, fruits and vegetables. This year, we raised as  contribution € 875.00 and we helped about 150 families.
V.I.D.A.-2011 Also this year the association has organized humanitarian missions in Calcutta during the summer. About twenty volunteers (from different countries) participated giving a hand in the centres founded by Mother Teresa’s and in the orphanage of Kabardanga. Finally, during 2014, our association has changed its legal office address in Via Benedetto Croce 6, 00142 Rome.
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