Sponsor a Child abroad

What’s this?

An effective way to cooperate in the development of the poorest countries is to help the weaker section of the population on which depends the future of these countries: children.

You could have an important role and have a leading role in development of this project. How?: helping children and you can do it by supporting one.

You, the protagonist of a child’s future, also future of his community

With less than 1 € or 1,40 $ per day, the cost of a coffee, you can help VIDA planning assistance and long-term intervention , working with families and local communities.

Our prior commitment is to ensure children the opportunity to access education, food and medical support, all aimed at improving the general living conditions of the community where the children reside.

With your distance support can have the opportunity to create a unique and lasting relationship with a child and his community.

About 90% of the funds raised are sent directly to the developing countries, only 10% is used to support the administrative costs which include the monitoring of the program, the cost structure and the cost of fund-raising activities.

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