They need us

Thousands of children in India live forgotten by all.

Help us to help them!

Who we are

V.I.D.A. is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and non- profit organization (NPO) created by private citizens and independent from governments and their policies. Inspired by the ideals of Christian solidarity, V.I.D.A engages in a private and direct way in development cooperation, making a concrete and significant contribution to solving the problems of the Southern Hemisphere and countries in need. Its goal is to encourage human, economic, social and cultural progress, with targeted interventions in health, nutrition, education and infrastructure. V.I.D.A. has no source of institutional funds. A non-profit by Charter because of its humanitarian and social philosophy, V.I.D.A. realizes its activities thanks to the subscriptions paid by supporters, donations, and volunteer work by members and supporters.

The objectives

  • Cooperate in the development of the poorest and least industrialized countries.
  • Support projects in developing countries to assist abandoned and at risk children.
  • Conduct research to increase awareness of development problems.
  • Organize and manage training courses for selecting volunteers to send to developing countries.
  • Organize and manage specific interventions for human, social, economic and cultural promotion and development in underdeveloped areas.
  • Protect the fundamental rights of children around the world, as ratified in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Improve their living conditions, by providing them with basic needs such as food and health care, and by focusing on education and growth in a healthy environment.
  • Organize and support initiatives regarding distance moral adoptions.
  • Promoting the knowledge of the cultures and the problems of developing countries, in Italy and abroad, and raise public awareness on these issues, including the promotion and implementation of activities aimed at raising funds;
  • Promote knowledge of developing countries, in Italy and abroad, raise public wareness on these issues, and promote activities aimed at raising funds.
  • Encourage large numbers of people to participate in its projects, through the establishment of local groups according to the methods declared in our Charter.

Our history

Con-i-beneficiari-del-progetto-We-Care-CenterV.I.D.A was founded after a humanitarian mission made by a group of university students, led by a Catholic priest, in India in the summer of 2010. During their journey through the crowded, dirty streets of Calcutta, they had an experience that marked their lives indelibly. These students volunteered in the centres of Kalighat, Nabo Jibon and Daya Dan, founded by Mother Teresa, and also in the orphanage in Kabardanga, on the outskirts of Calcutta. They attended the dying, cared for the sick and accompanied orphans and the disabled, always surrounded by social disconfort, inhumane living conditions, and the absence of basic needs such as nutrition and health care. They have been in contact with a reality that has upset them. On the faces of many sick children, orphans, and starving, poor vagabonds, they witnessed smiles that revealed strength of spirit and a great desire to live. The young volunteers have found that to truly help, they first had to transmit their own hope and optimism. Inspired by Christian values, in 8/12/2010 they decided to found an association in order to help in a more effective way. This association is called “V.I.D.A.” – Volunteers for International Development Associated. It emphasizes their desire to bring together people from different countries who share the same ideals, and pursue a single goal of helping the poorest people in the world.