THANKS: The Beauty of saying it.


A simple “thank you” and a smile can change your day, and our staff wants to do it with this little post addressed to all of you.

How many times during the day, we say “thank you”. It’s nice to say and it’s just nice to hear, fills you up and creates a bond between two persons, and this is what VIDA wants to do through this post and through the photos of our last mission in Calcutta.

We want you to receive a “thank you” that we have received, a “thank you” born from the heart of a child thanks to you, thanks to your valuable support and your trust.

And so:

  • THANKS to the donors who help us carry on now 29 development and support projects;
  • THANKS to the supporters that trust and help us year after year;
  • THANKS to the promoters of our initiatives, events, collections, our intentions and our goals;
  • THANKS to those who have adopted and is going to adopt a child in India;
  • THANKS to those who follow us on our social networks and helps us spread our projects and our initiatives;
  • THANKS to our volunteers that, during the summer,  roll up their sleeves during the humanitarian missions in Calcutta.

Thanks to all of you that believe in this project of solidarity and development we are carrying on.thank you


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